Online Dental Hygiene Programs

If you already have your associate's degree you may choose to continue your dental hygiene education online. Most dental hygiene programs offered online are for hygienists pursuing their bachelor's or master's degree. To obtain your associate's degree you will need to be on campus for most of the curriculum. Many technical schools and community colleges offer a 2 year dental hygiene program. They may require up to 40 hours of prerequisite courses in general studies prior to admittance. Upon graduation you will need to successfully complete both the written and clinical board exams before you can obtain your license.

Convenience of Online Programs

Many practicing dental hygienists are choosing to pursue a bachelor's degree to advance their careers. An increasing number of colleges are now offering flexible online degree programs. If you are a practicing licensed dental hygienist, the online program is a convenient part-time option. Transferring your credit hours obtained in your associate course work should not be a problem. Classes with a grade of "C" or higher will be considered for transfer.

These online degree programs can take as little as 8 weeks in accelerated dental hygiene classes or up to 2 years for students taking part time classes. For your convenience, most courses can be accessed at any time or place. This means you attend lectures and complete your assignments in accordance to your schedule. Many students find taking dental hygienist courses online to be practical and rewarding. Dental hygienist with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene (BSDH) degree can pursue a career as an educator, researcher, clinician or manager. While possessing a bachelor's degree can open up more career opportunities it will also increase your potential salary.